What Happened When Dr. Ford Testified



When Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified she told the story of when Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. She also told the larger story of Patriarchal violence that primarily resides in our collective unconscious.

As we watched Dr. Ford narrate the assault before a line of majority white men, her words mixed with the images on our screens moved to awaken the place in our bodies where the intergenerational trauma of Patriarchal violence lies. Even if we’ve never read about the legacy of rape as a primary tool in erecting our present-day patriarchal, racist caste system: Our bodies remembered.

When Dr. Ford testified, our bodies remembered.

Our bodies remembered when they began to burn the women and queer healers.

Our bodies remembered when the narratives of dangerous temptresses began to flow and the stones began to fly.

Our bodies remembered when we began to beat young boys for expressing fear or sadness.

Our bodies remembered when we began to give those same young boys toy guns and virtual playgrounds of terrorizing violence.

Our bodies remembered when European men, in the name of Christianity, rushed the globe using rape as a colonial tool.

Our bodies remembered the ongoing practice of selling women as sexual slaves and property.

Our bodies remembered the persistence of Patriarchal violence in our communities, families, marriages.

Our bodies remembered the Patriarchal violence at the foundations of our nation.

Our bodies are holding a lot.

Fortunately, when Dr. Ford testified, not only did our bodies remember the pain and the trauma. Our bodies also remembered the times before the violence.

Our bodies remembered that we as humans have not always existed in the chaos of dehumanizing violence.

Our bodies remembered the times before widespread Patriarchal rule, when we honored women and queer leadership.

Our bodies remembered the intersectional movement for collective liberation growing each day.

When Dr. Ford testified she literally spoke more freedom from violence into existence. She helped our souls to remember more, and the story of Patriarchal violence has moved a little further from our collective unconscious to our collective conscious, where it can actually be dealt with.

As painful as the process is: It is the Truth that will set us free.

Kelly Strickland