Your video invitation —

Sister —
You are a sacred vessel.

Here to engage the holy,

Here to engage the political.

Knowing in your bones that the spiritual is political, and the political is spiritual.


You chose to show up - here and now - in a peachy-ish container, racialized as ‘white’.

After generations of adapting to colder climates, our skin and eyes lightened - yielding the peachy flesh you now inhabit. Eventually, Racism would take this peachy color and call it ‘white’.


Island photo.jpg

(Y)our people came to Turtle Island. So, here you are.

Some of them came as a force of colonial violence.
Some of them came to escape oppression and survive.
Some of them were forcibly brought here.
In each case, your presence here on stolen land is asking you to answer a question:

How will you respond to the fire?


Many of us spiritual white womxn woke up in 2016 to a match being lit.

Our nation elected an explicitly racist, classist, sexist, ableist, fascist president.
We elected Trump.
And 52% of white womxn helped put him in office.
The Truth is if we had voted differently, the whole situation would be different.

With this explicit oppressor in place, white womxn began to wake up to a deeper reality that people of color have known and been waiting or us to see:

Turtle Island has been on fire for hundred of years .


“I’ve come upon something that disturbs me deeply…
I fear I am integrating my people into a burning house.”
- Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hundreds of years of genocidal violence again the indigenous stewards of this land.

Hundreds of years of enslaving, segregating, and incarcerating black people.

Less than 100 years left before we no longer have food available to us.

Each day, ipelines & lead polluting our sacred water.

The Empire of the U.S. is a burning house - How will we respond to that reality?


And the thing is, to respond to the fire we’re going to need OXYGEN.

Oxygen to breathe in the midst of the fire & smoke.

Oxygen to fan the sacred rage in our own hearts.

They say fighting fire with fire is bad.

We say, let’s fan the flames of justice.


How will you equip yourself for the fire?

Will you join us for OXYGEN?

Will you fight for your own dances, songs, rituals, ceremonies?

Will you fight for the black and indigenous peoples who fed you when you were hungry?

Will you fight for (y)our salvation?


You are invited to join us, and imagine the regenerated world that’s possible after the fires. After we show up for justice.

You are invited to gathering and ceremony for white spiritual womxn.

Will you join us?

We need each other.


“Kelly has a way of navigating clients through the fire of activism and the balm of devotion, creating real space for personal breakthroughs on the most pressing issues facing humanity.”

- Kelly Elizabeth Behrend, Energy Worker & Sustainability Strategist at


“A sacred beginning. My eyes are opened to a holy, courageous, inward-to-outward journey that I am committed to walking.”

- Kelsey Didion // Actress, Musician, Theater-Maker, & Founding Midwife at The Midwives


“Kelly provides the safety that is critical to do the real work at the intersection of race and spirituality. With her understanding, knowledge, and wisdom, I am able to explore my most vulnerable shadows about who I am when navigating the racial landscape.”

- Gareth Gywn, Founder, producer, and director at Lets See Labs

sena laughing.jpg

“Working with Kelly has solidified my knowing that as a white presenting, privileged woman born on Turtle Island, I have a responsibility to understand my own history, and the roots of this land. From my work with Kelly I now speak from experience in saying knowledge is power; without the true knowledge of what has happened on this soil, and the systems that were created in this country, I was floating in the ethers, disconnected from my body & the earth, and doing harm to oppressed peoples by my disassociation. Kelly's work is refreshingly grounded, in a world of spiritual healers and energy workers (which I am in a lot of the time) I was so grateful for a safe space to ask challenging questions about race, ethnicity, cultural appropriation, privilege, white guilt and so much more. Kelly lovingly, and clearly supported my inquiries into clarifying my own identities as a mixed race womxn, and helped me to see how my privilege has formed my work in a limited lens. My work has naturally evolved into a more embodied, grounded approach since working with Kelly. I can't recommend working with her enough!”

- Sena María // Healer and Ceremonialist at

Will you join us?

Akron, OH — Occupied Potawatomi & Haudenosauneega Territory
September 4

Woodstock, NY— Occupied Haudenosauneega Territory
September 16
co-facilitated with Kelly Elizabeth

Durham, North Carolina — Occupied Catawba Territory
September 25
co-facilitated with Kelly Elizabeth

Sonoma County, California — Occupied Southern Pomo Territory
October 2
co-facilitated with Lauren Elizabeth

Nevada City, California — Occupied Nisenan Territory
October 4
co-facilitated with Lauryn Miranda

San Francisco, California — Occupied Ramaytush & Ohlone Territory
October 6
co-facilitated with Lauren Elizabeth & Lauryn Miranda

Los Angeles, California — Occupied Gabrielino/Tongva Territory
October 13
co-facilitated with Kelly Elizabeth & Lauryn Miranda

Space limited to maintain intimacy.

Excited to be with you, sister.