You are a flower, sis.

Opening and unfolding, here to spread your unique pollen. Your medicine.

You’re (likely) weaving many tools together:

energy work,

dream work,

plant medicine,















You chose to show up,
here and now,
as a peachy-ish flower, racialized as ‘white’.

After generations of adapting to colder climates,
our skin and eyes lightened - yielding the peachy flesh you now inhabit.
Eventually, Racism would take this peachy color and call it ‘white’,
for a very specific reason.


Your body remembers the time before race;
The time before Racism divided our Sisterhood.

This soul-remembrance is here to help lead you,
- to lead us -
back into the Whole Sisterhood and Healed Communities we desire.
You are here to be a part of that.
You are here to remember that race truly is an illusion.


In order to heal & lead as spiritual white womxn in this time, there’s more remembering that needs to happen.
Some of this remembering will be painful;
It will require a lot from you.

And yet —
As a devotee to liberation, inhabiting a body raced as white,
You are here for it.
All the tools are here that you need to move through this remembrance with grace and courage.
Will you remember more for us?
Will you feel more of the pain and joy of Truth for us?
For you?

You are invited to remember the allegiances our ancestors made with White Supremacy.
As you remember, opportunities to break these generational vows will present themselves to you.

We weren’t always white.
In order to survive, our ancestors exchanged our cultures
and pledged vows to the present Colonial Project.
In this system, White Supremacy bestows upon us
- imposes upon us -
certain ‘rights’ and ‘privileges’ as it harnesses our energies for harm.
Without our own cultural tools, we found/find ourselves
once again eating at the hospitality of black and indigenous peoples;
Often engaging in this hotly-debated ritual called cultural appropriation.


You are invited to remember you ancestral dances, songs, rituals, and ceremonies. You are invited back to the forest.

I’m not necessarily asking you to give up the tools you have.
I am asking you (& I believe Liberation is asking you) to add more tools to your belt.
Some of you have already journeyed back to the forest and have tools to share and harness.
For others, this will be your first step into ancestral remembrance.
Maybe you’re somewhere in between.
No matter where you are - You don’t have to do it alone. In fact, you can’t do it alone.

dirt hands.jpg

You are invited to excavate your ancestral medicine.

As a spiritual white womxn,
you are a natural accomplice in the work of healing and justice.
Your ancestral tools are here for you
to remember how Your People fight as warriors for liberation.


You are invited to align your work
with movements for justice.

White Supremacy would have you stay segregated
from People of Color-led movements for justice;
To keep your Spirituality ‘clean’ and ‘free’ from naming the demons we are wrestling with.
You have a choice to make -
Will you flock with the indigenous and black peoples
who fed you when you were culturally starving?

growing plant.jpg

You are invited to grow your strength
as a spiritual white womxn.

As you come into your power as a womxn committed to collective liberation,
White Supremacy will work hard to keep your medicine small, tame, on the fringe, watered-down.

White Supremacy wants you to steep in paralysis and guilt.

White Supremacy wants you to freeze and flee when you’re called out for doing it all imperfectly.

White Supremacy wants you to hide from your access to systemic power & resources.

White Supremacy wants you to align yourself with White Patriarchy and the white men in power who perpetuate it.

White Supremacy wants you to play it ‘safe’.

White Supremacy wants you to forget that it’s there, killing us and people.

You are here to POLLINATE.


White Womxn:

Will we fight for our own dances, songs, rituals, medicines, ceremonies?

Will we fight alongside the People of Color who fed us when we were culturally hungry?



“POLLLINATION gave me a solid, compassionate container to ask questions that I was afraid to ask. Kelly curated great resources, initiating personal inquiry into my own ethnic roots. The biggest impact working with Kelly has had on me was a clear understanding of who I am and where I come from. I am more informed, and I see our oppressive systems with more clarity and understanding, as well as my contribution to these systems by nature of my privilege. I'm not scared of having tough conversations anymore, and I find myself being the most knowledgeable one in a lot of my friend groups on how to speak to the complex topics of racism, oppression, and colonization. Kelly also helped me integrate the work that I do with cacao with my identities, and how to hold space for conversations around cultural appropriation in the spiritual healing realms.”

- Sena María // Channel, Healer, and Ceremonialist at

kelsey didion.jpg

“I'm no longer in that shameful, self-loathing space. I feel like there's a wiser, more compassionate perspective I now possess, rooted in a deeper connection to myself and my white body/ancestry. I have greater awareness of when systemic conditioning is in play, and I feel less fear (which I can now identify as a long-standing tool of white supremacist capitalist christian patriarchy) and more fully present when engaging in anti-racist dialogue. I feel more okay with all the baggage I've inherited, because I've gone through this process of studying it, grieving it, accepting it, and now actively working in opposition to it.”

- Kelsey Didion // Actress, Musician, Theater-Maker, & Founding Midwife at The Midwives


“Kelly provides the safety that is critical to do the real work at the intersection of race and spirituality. With her understanding, knowledge, and wisdom, I am able to explore my most vulnerable shadows about who I am when navigating the racial landscape. Kelly clearly does the inner work herself, bringing an authentic resonance of understanding to what's arising in the space. From my work with her, I feel greater capacity to embrace complexities of racial dynamics in both myself and in our communities.”

- Gareth Gywn, Founder, producer, and director at Lets See Labs


“Kelly is a truly gifted healer and teacher committed to collective liberation. She has a way of navigating clients through the fire of activism and the balm of devotion, creating real space for personal breakthroughs on the most pressing issues facing humanity. It's no small task, and yet Kelly navigates it with such grace and intention. Her coaching style allowed me to more deeply discover my own truth rather than just be told what it should be — a sign of a true healer with high integrity for enabling the sovereignty of all beings. This level of empowerment and encouragement has enabled me to feel more whole, more human, and more prepared for and committed to dismantling white supremacy. I am so grateful to have Kelly's support as I continue on the path of personal healing and collective liberation.”

- Kelly Elizabeth Behrend, Energy Worker & Sustainability Strategist


  • Taking Care of Your Precious Flower-Body

  • Radical Remembrance of Your Ancestral Pollen

  • Weaving Your Existing Skills & Expertise with that Fresh Ancestral Medicine

  • Cross-Pollinating with Fellow Accomplices & Fertile Movements in Liberation

  • Developing Thorns of Boundary to Protect Yourself

  • Being Witnessed as Your Petals Unfold

  • Sharing Your Pollen with Us

  • Aligning it all to POC-led movements for justice

POLLINATION is for you if —

  • You desire community and to profoundly belong.

  • You know you have medicine to share.

  • You feel an ancestral void and you’re committed to do the digging necessary to fill it.

  • You want to understand White Supremacy more in a trauma-informed, spiritually-informed container.

  • You’re already a part of movements for healing and justice, and you’re ready to take your work to a deeper level.

  • You have a particular creative project incubating & you need emotional doula-support in birthing it.

  • You’ve started reclaiming your ancestral medicine, and you want to do this with more support & Sisterhood.

  • You’re here to break generational vows of allegiance to White Supremacy and the Colonial Project.

  • You want support and witnessing as you bring your work into deepening integrity with movements for justice.

  • You’re ready to step more fully into aligned leadership for collective liberation.

    Through POLLINATION you will:

  • Experience deepened Sisterhood & community at the intersection of healing, justice, and spirituality.

  • Be able to articulate what Whiteness is, when it was invented, who made it up, how it persists today, how we can heal from it, and how it intersects with other forms of oppression (in particular, its relationship to Colonialism and Patriarchy).

  • Heal ancestral and personal wounds from White Supremacy.

  • Be ever-clearer on your radical purpose as a white womxn in this historical time.

  • Have a clear birth-plan for any creative projects you are incubating (including a concrete plan to make your project supportive to you financially). You may even be held as you give birth during the program!

  • Carry new ancestral medicine tools from indigenous European diasporas.

  • Carry new trauma-informed, body-centered tools for moving through blocks and call outs as you reveal yourself and your work to the world.

  • Energetically cut cords of attachment you may still have with White Supremacy and Patriarchy.

  • Ceremonially speak into existence new vows to yourself, to your community, and to our movements for liberation.

  • Utilize long-held movement tools for ensuring your work maintains alignment and accountability with liberation principles.

  • Step (more) firmly into your rightful leadership.


a Mentorship & Healing Program for Spiritual White Womxn Seeking to Spread their Medicine

You can POLLINATE with me 1-1 or in a Group


The 1-1 POLLINATION Mentorship includes:

  • 12 Private, 1-1 POLLINATION Sessions (75 minutes)

  • Full access to THE POLLINATION PORTAL - brimming with nourishment to support your journey.

  • Personalized support on understanding your unique medicine & excavation journey, using reclaimed tools of European diasporas.

  • Between session support via voice notes, texts, and email.

  • The Investment: between $4000-$6000 USD for individual mentorship. Payment plans available. 20% of all POLLINATION profits are sent to the important POC-led work going on at Spirithouse-NC

    ** select slide-scale rates available and prioritized for white folks most impacted by economic injustice, as well as group mentorship options to make this offering as financially accessible as possible. inquire about these options by scheduling an interest call below <3

Are you in to POLLINATE?

Excited to pollinate with you, sister.