A 6 month 1-1 Therapeutic Support Program for Spiritual Healers

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The Liberation Movement is calling us.

We have a global spiritual crisis. This global spiritual crisis is awakening and calling the spiritual leaders we need to help move humanity away from destruction and into liberation. If you’ve connected with me or found this page about POLLINATION, you are likely one of those leaders.

As we awaken, many of us are encountering deep levels of trauma that are begging for healing.

We are in a battle of healing intergenerational trauma that is stored in our bodies, minds, and souls. In order to be the spiritual healers we are called to be, we have some healing we need to do. We must literally break the cycles of violence within our own bodies so we can break them in the external world. Our internal world and the external world is profoundly connected. As we heal the external, we must heal the internal. And visa versa.

Right now, we consistently show up to the work of healing this world with very little self awareness, triggered, burned out, co-dependent, self-neglectful, and in the paralysis of perfectionistic fear. Many of us broke open to the realities of systemic oppression already burned out, and then we jumped from awareness to action. We have not tended to our own wounds and trauma, and so we show up ineffectively.

I started working with Kelly during a time of intense workplace trauma & deep burn-out... I appreciated Kelly’s ability to hold tender space for me as she gently guided me to move forward and create a new path out of burn-out and toward a liberatory space.
— Marion, spiritual healer
I felt stuck in a cycle of self-judgment and uncertainty...Finding Pollination was the medicine I needed.
— Kelly Elizabeth Behrend, founder of Awaken Your Chakras

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Out of our trauma, we avoid ourselves.

Through hyper-intellectualization.

Through powering through without reflection or compassion.

Through filling all the gaps instead of discerning our personal gifts and calls.

Through fronting like we have profound spiritual practice and rhythms when we are actually about grinding most of the time.

Through justifying our grinding and self-neglect with the idea that the mythical time of “later” will come when we will have the sufficient resources to care for our souls and bodies.

Through swirling in guilt so much so that we consistently seek out pain and dysfunction, rather than joy.

Through all of these things, we avoid ourselves. Which is exactly what the Powers that Be we are fighting against thrive on. These Powers that Be desire leadership that doesn’t know itself or love itself. The Powers that Be desire leadership that neglects itself.

We have a spiritual, trauma problem which requires spiritual, trauma treatment.

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Our spiritual ancestors remind us: To get free, we go to the wilderness.

We must go beyond the intellectual.

We must go into the wild places of souls.

We look to how nature works — plants only reproduce and spread healthy seeds when the plant itself is wholly nourished.

“Getting free is not a neck-up activity.”

— Abigail Ortíz, healer and organizer // from a conversation we once had ❤

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It is in the wilderness that we find ourselves and the healing nourishment to bear the seeds of leadership.

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As we nourish ourselves, we bear movement seeds that we actually want to spread; seeds that other people actually want to receive.

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I invite you into the wilderness with me, to heal.

Kelly provides the safety that is critical to do the real work... With her understanding, knowledge, and wisdom I am able to explore my most vulnerable shadows...
— Gareth Gwyn, spiritual healer at garethgwyn.com

“I was in a trauma state of confusion. I was feeling clear I needed support… I can’t recommend working with Kelly enough!”

- Sena María // Channel, Healer, and Ceremonialist at sena-maria.com


“Kelly is a truly gifted healer and teacher committed to collective liberation… creating real space for personal breakthroughs on the most pressing issues facing humanity.”

- Kelly Elizabeth Behrend, Founder of Awaken Your Chakras


a 6 month 1-1 Therapeutic Support Program for Spiritual Healers and Leaders

Scope of Work: 6 months of spiritual direction and healing from a Liberation Psychology framework. This includes:

  • 10 Therapeutic Coaching Sessions (60-75 minutes)

  • 2 Inner Healing Sessions (~ 2 hours each)

  • Personalized toolkit of articles, books, podcasts, etc. for fully understanding how trauma shows up in our bodies and souls, and to support your healing process.

  • Personalized support on understanding your own healing medicine & healing journey, using spiritual tools such as astrology and the Enneagram.

  • Cost: $1897 USD /// Interest-free payment plans available. The most common option is a plan of 10 monthly payments of $189.70.

Interested in POLLINATION? Set-up a connect call where we’ll talk more about the program and see if it’s a good fit.