An Introductory Course for healers, activists, anyone struggling & medicine-weavers of all kinds —
on the Politics of Trauma, Energy, Psychology, and the Body


Humans are radiant creatures.

Reason why “Light workers” is a thing.

You are here in a human body right now - A body that was designed to emit light.

Bioluminescence and what jellyfish teach us.

cosmos person.jpg

Trauma and systemic oppression work to hack our energy.


  • bioluminescence

  • dullness to radiance

  • refusing to keep the bio/psycho/physical/spiritual separate

  • all healers, activists, and medicine-weavers should have access to understanding what therapists learn about the psyche, the trapping of energy, the way the body works

  • radiance means ______

RADIANCE weaves:

  • Systems Analysis & Anti-Oppression Praxis

  • Liberation Psychology

  • Somatics & Energy Work

  • Food & Herb-Based Detoxification

  • Cultural Attachment Work

The RADIANCE Modules:


Module 1: The Mind

We begin with colonial psychology’s main focus: the mind-brain, the psyche. Home to

throat preview.jpeg

Module 2: The Throat

Most utilized part of the body, part from the mind, in modern ‘talk therapy’. Home to the larynx, thyroid, vocal cords, and more.


Module 3: The Heart

New site of focus in most healing and activism work, often using the term ‘heart-centered’. Home to


Module 4: The Gut

Exceptionally neglected area of the body in most healing and activism, despite much of our language consistency still pointing to the importance of checking in with your gut. Home to

Uterus Preview.jpeg

Module 5: The Womb


Module 6: The ‘Soul Nerve’


Module 7: The Fluids

Lymph, blood, other?


Recommended Reading for during or after the course:

My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem

What is Somatics with Sumitra Rajkumar

The Body Never Lies by Alice Miller

When the Body Says No by Gabor Maté

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

Polyvagal Theory by Stephen W. Porges

Waking the Tiger by Peter A Levin

Overcoming Trauma through Yoga with David Emerson & Elizabeth Hopper

RADIANCE is for you if:

  • —-

  • -

  • -

Through RADIANCE you will:

  • ——

  • ——

  • -

  • -

RADIANCE includes:

  • 7 Video Modules on __________

  • 3 1-1 Healing & Mentorships sessions to weave Liberation Therapy into your existing medicine (75 minutes each)

The Investment:

  • $497 or 4 payments of $140