We desire to radiate.

We want to lead our lives from a place of magnetism and joy.

We want to influence the world from a place of authenticity and belonging.

Instead, we live most often with our lights barely flickering. We make decisions based on a sense of obligation rather than desire. Our gatherings for change feel dull and boring, and yet we continue to wonder why only a small few continue to show up. All of this is happening in a time when we desperately need massive, global change.

We don’t (yet) remember how to move together and how to draw people in.

We don’t (yet) remember how to move through our pinched, triggered places. (rather than calling everyone out for their mistakes.)

We don’t (yet) remember how to innovate our tactics for change. (we repeat what worked in the past.)

We don’t (yet) remember how to plug ourselves into the unique holes in community that need us.

It’s a time to reassess our environment.

It’s a time to collect and set our intentions.

It’s a time open ourselves more fully to our unique light.

It’s a time to assess how we plug into the larger flock of our movements for change.

In this virtual course, we will:

  • learn basic principles of liberation therapy, and how it supports our radiance

  • learn tools for accessing & creating trauma-informed, justice-informed healing

  • use psychological tools to map both our internal landscape & our unique roles in the external world

  • look to the natural world for clues on how to be in rhythm with liberation

  • practice embodying the world we actually want to live in

The course will include liberation therapy teachings, practice suggestions, and rad playlists to dance through for the whole journey.

This course is created to help guide you in your ongoing healing journey - To help you experience greater clarity and joy on your path forward in this new year; To help you heal your wounds, clarify your gifts, and show up sustainably in your collective contributions.

Delivery: A link to the course will be emailed to you shortly after purchase. If you do not receive a link to the course within 24 hours, please contact me at kelly@kellygermaine.com.

Format: This course will be taught through a series of videos, playlists, and practice prompts.

Want to send this course as a gift to someone else? Just order using your own information. When you get the email with the course link, forward it to the gift recipient along with your personal message. Please do not click the access link, as your purchase only admits one course per participant. 

There are no refunds available for this course.

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