40 Days of Detoxification & Fasting
to Prevent/Reverse Chronic Health Issues, Divest from the Disease-Care System, and Break Spiritual Chains.

1-1 and Group Options Available

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Kelly Germaine Strickland, MSW, LISW - Certified Detoxification Specialist + Somatic Psychotherapist

Kelly Germaine Strickland, MSW, LISW - Certified Detoxification Specialist + Somatic Psychotherapist

Hey! I’m Kelly.

I've created SIMPLY HEAL to help you have a hands-on experience on the simplicity of detoxing & to prepare you for the long-haul journey of reversing (or preventing) the root issues of your health struggles.

Our current health-care system has left people out there confused about why they are struggling to get better, leaving them in-piles of medical debt and/or shelling out gobs of money on 'quick-fix' supplements, fad-diet 'cures', and expensive testing. Learn the tools you need to prevent and reverse chronic illness in 40 spirit-filled days of detoxing.

I facilitate SIMPLY HEAL using a trauma-informed, justice-informed, and spiritually-informed lens. Everything I’ll share is based on my years of experience as a holistic healer and my own personal journey of reversing a whole bunch of chronic health illnesses, including what the Western Medical system refers to as celiac disease, hashimotos, reynaulds, irritable bowl syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and anorexia.


Healing can be simple.

(~because our bodies are on our team)

Right now, it's hard to get at the simplicity of healing and discern what's what with all the noise and chaos of our current health care dialogue. If you're like most folks, you're working pretty hard at sorting through all the data but you're still feeling:

  • Confused - what's better for you? Paleo? Low-Carb? Plant-Based? Vegan? Gluten Free? Dairy Free? Grain free? All the 'free's???

  • Overwhelmed - by how to eat whole, healing foods admist all the chaos of your busy life.

  • Desirous of more equipping around how to use plants to heal the root cause of your health issues.

  • Stuck - in patterns of eating and drinking all the things that you know aren't good for you

  • Frustrated - that you've been to a handful of medical professionals and no one can tell you what's going on with your health issues

  • OR, maybe you already feel pretty grounded in these things, but you want to dive deeper into healing in a community of folks doing the same thing!

Whether you are committed to a healthy lifestyle and know that rhythms of detox and tune up are good for you, or you are someone who is just starting to dabble in getting healthy - the one clear thing is that now more than ever we need to be investing in our health.

In order to really live life and to build the world we are trying to build together, we need (& deserve) to feel our best. 


The system keeps us from seeing how simple it can be.

(~because corruption + money + power)

The system is the problem. Which means we have to learn how to both survive within this current ‘health-care’/food system, and build the new systems for healing that we desperately need.

The problem is: 

  • Our current health care system is not about healing. It is a disease-care system (read: treating your systems, not the root cause of your issue).

  • The data is confusing, and it’s hard to navigate.

  • We’re up against thousands of years of intergenerational food-trauma.

  • We're all trying to heal in our little silo'ed spaces and lives and feel like if we can't do it perfectly, well, then why try.

  • Our busy, busy lives keep us from taking time to plan and take care of ourselves.

  • We're so focused on helping other people that we feel kinda selfish to invest in our healing (YEP, that's you I'm looking at movement builders, parents, teachers, pastors, 'helpers' of all trades....)

The Good News is —

We can take back our power.

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We can take back our power by choosing - when and where we can - what food and herbs we put in our mouths.


a 40 day detox program to prevent and reverse chronic health illnesses

The 3 Simple Truths SIMPLY HEAL is based on:


Why Detox? IG.png


Healing Generations of Clogged Lymphatic Waste

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Plotting Your Path Up & Down the Detox Pyramid

Track Your Healing IG.png


Using Non-Invasive, Ancestral Techniques to See The Improvements

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Moving Through The Surfacing Trauma

Breaking the Fast.png


Gently Transitioning Yourself Out of the Detox

Integrating Post Detox.png


Carrying Forward What Your Body Taught You

SIMPLY HEAL is for you if:

  • You are experiencing chronic health issues.

  • You want to prevent chronic health issues.

  • You're ready get some mental, physical, and spiritual wellness through the power of detoxing. ** caveat: the plans are individualized so you'll be moving along at a pace based on what works for you and where you're currently at with your diet

  • You're craving some simplicity in your healing tool box (So that you can get results without always running to the newest fad herb or diet program)

  • Your chronic health issues are keeping you down and struggling to manifest your full, real, and beautiful self into the world.

  • You want to know - for yourself - how your body works.

  • You want to learn why our current healthcare system is failling us (and how you can heal MORE CHEAPLY, on your own, inspite of that).

  • You want more ENERGY and focus to fuel your life and work in the world.

  • You're curious about or convinced about the spiritual importance of seasons of fasting (from particular foods, all the way to water and dry fasting).

  • You're ready for clarity.


By the end of SIMPLY HEAL, you will be able to:

  • Articulate why detoxing is a data-based, scientific healing approach for physical health issues, no matter your genetic background or current dis-ease/symptoms.

    Or, if you're already convinvced of this, look forwarding to having even more facts to back yourself up and help more folks in your sphere of influence)

  • Track your healing progress with external, non-invasive techniques.

  • Identify the root cause of your health problems/nuances (and likely experience them reversing!)

    Which could mean bye-bye migraines, extra weight, sluggish thyroid, autoimmune struggles, inflammation, and fatigue and HELLO CLEAN LYMPHATIC SYSTEM!

  • Create lifestyle rhythms, plans, and budgets and actually work for your lifestyle.

  • Have the community connections to stay on track and accountable to your long-haul health goals.

  • Start this spring season off with health and healing!

From SIMPLY HEAL Alumni:

Nicholle Karim.jpg

I felt the best I've felt in years! I could feel the fatigue, mental fog, generalized anxiety, and depression lift.

What I thought would be a quick re-boot has seriously changed my approach to eating, healing, and self-care as a social worker. After my partner saw the effects of the program on my body, mind, and spirit, he signed up for it too! I’m telling you, this works. I’m forever grateful to Kelly for giving me the knowledge and tools to know my body.

- Nicholle Karim


The biggest impact I noticed that after the second week that inflammation completely cleared up.

I'm a lot less sensitive to wheat, dairy and sugar (although these are things I want to still keep to a minimum) My stomach is flatter. And I permanently lost 6 lbs. During the second week my rest was beginning to improve.

- Milton Gilder


The detox helped with a lot of health issues I previously had. And the weight loss is nice too - I feel great!

I started SIMPLY HEAL because I felt just awful physically and emotionally. I was skeptical at first, but I do not regret it. It’s not just about eating… I learned a lot about my body (and mind and soul as cheesy as that sounds) and I felt amazing. I’ve learned certain foods that mess with my body and I never knew… I know how to detox again when feeling weighed down.

- Margarette Adama-Hawa


After the two rounds of Simply Heal I’ve done, I have seen an improvement in my skin tone, my energy levels, my sleep quality, my overall mood.

- Kim Radersma

Ashley Harrington.jpg

I learned a lot about the research behind why detoxing is helpful for your body.

You will learn a lot about alternatives to Western medicine and you won't be alone; you'll have a collective of people to help motivate you.

- Ashley Harrington


I had more energy, better sleep, weight loss, and the list goes on... I'm so glad I enrolled. 

Kelly was always available when I had my struggles to get me back on track. I felt so great after the program, I continued on…

- Brian Karim 


SIMPLY HEAL 1-1 Option —

2 Opening and Closing Coaching Sessions (75 minutes each)

4 SIMPLY HEAL Check-In Sessions (30 minutes each)

1 Inner Healing Session

To support you during the hardest week of the detox (because detoxing is an emotional process that heals intergenerational trauma).

Weekly Lessons

Content straight to your inbox with all the details you need to begin implementing your detox. In order to detox well, we dive into understanding the why of detoxing.

Personalized Detox Plans

Your unique 40 day plan is based on your unique self and what will work best for you. You complete a brief health assessment and we talk through what the 40 day journey will look like for you specifically.

The Investment:

$647 or three monthly payments of $240
(save ~$70 by paying in full up-front)

SIMPLY HEAL Group Option —

The SIMPLY HEAL group program is not yet scheduled,
but will likely happen in the Fall/Winter of 2019.


We can heal, simply.