kelly germaine strickland, msw, lisw

I am here for (y)our healing.

I'm Kelly (she, her, hers). 

Among many things, I'm a trauma therapist, plant-based healer, artist, public theologian, activist, writer, trainer, facilitator and coach for collective liberation. 

I work at the intersection of spirituality, healing justice, and liberation, helping healers, activists, communities, and organizations heal from chronic issues like physical illness, anxiety, depression, business paralysis, interpersonal conflict, and burnout.

Our healing tools are already around and within us - we just need to remember to see and organize access to them.

‘The Powers That Be' like classism, colonialism, white supremacy, male supremacy, and human supremacy have taken and hidden so many of our healing tools. Because of this horrific legacy, we are in an excavation process of returning the healing tools to ourselves.

We can take back our healing.

We can get free.

I’m here to be a witness and guide for y(our) healing.