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Before we had therapists, psychiatrists, and MDs — We had ‘shamans’.

Before colonization and Christendom, each of our peoples had earth-based healers grounded in the realities of their communities. They had long-held practices for guiding folks through healing, in ways that understood justice and trauma.

Today we have healing practitioners trained in the methods of colonization. Psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and nearly every healing practitioner widely accepted today has been programmed to believe there is something wrong with you, not the system.

I’m here to offer an alternative that helps bring us back to decolonized healing: trauma-informed, justice-informed care helps you remember your power + cleanse the pain from your mind, body, spirit, community, and ancestral lineages.

My approach:

justice-informed -- the Truth of our past and present realities will set us free. 

trauma-informed -- we are healing from a multi-generational legacy of dehumanizing violence across multiple forms of oppression. a trauma-informed process is necessary. 

intersectional - systems of oppression intersect; we must simultaneously be working to undo the ball of oppression. none of us are free, until all of us are free.

holistic -- whole body, Spirit, and (if desired) plant supported. we cannot get free by our intellect alone.  

I am woman of European descent, and raced as white. I grew up on the occupied land of the Shawnee, also known as Ohio. From a young age, I knew I was a healer and Truth-teller and I’ve been refining my healing tools ever since. My ancestors are from Switzerland and England. On the Enneagram, I’m a 5, wing 4. I organize (have organized) along the axises of homelessness & poverty elimination, racial justice, ending mass incarceration, intersectional feminism, immigration justice, and mental health access.

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“Kelly is a truly gifted healer committed to collective liberation…She has a way of navigating clients through the fire of activism and the balm of devotion, creating real space for personal breakthroughs on the most pressing issues facing humanity. It's no small task, and yet Kelly navigates it with such grace and intention. Her coaching style allowed me to more deeply discover my own truth rather than just be told what it should be — a sign of a true healer with high integrity for enabling the sovereignty of all beings. This level of empowerment and encouragement has enabled me to feel more whole, more human, and more prepared for and committed to dismantling white supremacy. I am so grateful to have Kelly's support as I continue on the path of personal healing and collective liberation.”

- Kelly Elizabeth Behrend, Founder of Awaken Your Chakras